Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

About the Department

Department of Botany is as old as the college itself. In 1960 Department of Botany, Vidyasagar College for Women was one of the very few colleges where Botany was taught as honours subject and the department acclaimed high esteem among the students. Many famous teachers taught in this department and many notable alumni are serving the society holding prominent positions. The legacy of guiding students to acquire in depth knowledge is still continuing.

The undergraduate Department of Botany is well equipped within available space and modern facilities are available to conduct theory and practical classes. Knowledgeable, efficient, and well trained teachers are the mentors of hard working and inquisitive students. Laboratory staffs provide extensive support for smooth functioning of the department and catering best interest of the students. Warm and healthy relationship among professors, staffs and students of this department makes learning a joyful experience.

Teaching Staff

Mr. Aniruddha Ghosh
M.Sc. B.Ed.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sankar Bakshi
M.Sc., Ph.D
Associate Professor

Dr. Ajanta Saha Mandal
Ph.D. Science
Assistant Professor

Ms. Sima Biswas
M.Sc. B.Ed.
Assistant Professor

Mr. Subrata Sen
B.Sc., D.M.L.T., L.L.B.
Graduate Laboratory Instructor

Dr. Rashi Subba
M.Sc., PhD. (Science)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ranju Tamang
Ph.D. in science, PDF (Women)
Assistant Professor

Sriya Chakrabarti
SACT II (Botany)

Disha Dasgupta
M.Sc, B.Ed.

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