Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

Provisional Admission Fees (Session 2023-2024)

Amount to be paid at the time of admission to different courses of study (including 6 month's tuition fees and C.U Registration fees) is given in the following table.

Serial No. Subjects Section Amount
1. Bengali (H) AH Rs. 5850
2. Hindi (H) AH Rs. 5850
3. History (H) AH Rs. 5850
4. Political Science (H) AH Rs. 5850
5. Philosophy (H) AH Rs. 5850
6. English (H) AH Rs. 6350
7. Botany (H) SH Rs. 7800
8. Zoology (H) SH Rs. 7800
9. Physiology (H) SH Rs. 7800
10. Chemistry (H) SH Rs. 7800
11. Physics (H) SH Rs. 8600
12. Mathematics (H) SH Rs. 8300
13. Geography (H) SH Rs. 8350
14. Economics (H) SH Rs. 6060
15. Bio Science MDC with Chemistry SG Rs. 7000
16. Bio Science MDC without Chemistry SG Rs. 7000
17. Science MDC with Geography SG Rs. 7020
18. B.A. MDC (with Geography) AG Rs. 6800
19. B.A. MDC (without Geography) AG Rs. 5700

*** If "Film Studies" is taken as one of the subject then Rs. 200/- per month will be charged for Laboratory + Rs. 700/- per year in addition to above fees

If "Journalism and Mass Communication" is taken as one of the subject then Rs. 700/- per year will be charged in addition to the above fees.

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