Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

Vision of our Institution:

The college abides by kindred attributes of inclusivity accessibility and approachability, subsuming female candidates from all sections of the society and chiseling them into educated,confident and compassioate individuals who can face the stormy currents of life with steel grit,boundless resilience and undaunted perseverance.

Mission of our Institution:

‘Gyan, Tyag, Seva'- the three edicts promulgated by the founding father,the great Renaissance stalwart, Pandit Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, exemplify the mission that Vidyasagar College for Women tries to envisage;

  • Imparting knowledge in a comprehensive and lucid manner, though PPTs, simulations, experiments, educational excursions, classroom-seminars, invited talks, student exchange programmes, Arts and science fairs, Inter-College Competitions.

  • Encouraging participation in add-on, job-oriented courses for honing their employability skills.

  • Motivating the students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like the NSS, NCC, to instill confidence and compassion in young minds,helping them to develop holistically.

The teaching-learning mechanism has seamlessly amalgamated both academic and non-academic paradigms, driven by the ulterior objective of empowering with empathy.

The Institutional mission and vision are also evinced by the overall policies of transparency, robustness, decentralization of administrative and decision-making power involving almost all stake-holders.