Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

Vision of our Institution:

The vision of the College is to foster inclusiveness in access to higher education, irrespective of class or caste and to instil students with positive values and a humanistic spirit of service to the wider community.

Mission of our Institution:

The mission of Vidyasagar College for Women is to provide the best possible conventional education to the students and furthermore, to render socially meaningful education so as to help create a generation of responsible citizens who will contribute to the growth and development of the nation and society of which they are a part. Education here is not confined to regular classroom teaching alone, but includes within its scope an all-round holistic development of students. To this end, the Institution aims:

  • To ensure that all students have a personalized learning experience and regular contact with teaching faculty to ensure that students have sufficient academic support

  • To improve the quality and range of Student Support Services and conduct special remedial programmes for weaker sections of the students and slow learners

  • To introduce vocational, job-oriented courses for skill development amongst students for equipping them to compete in the globalised and diverse employment markets

  • To promote inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and to explore and widen the range of research funding sources

  • To rejuvenate the existing infrastructure and create new facilities and integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in its management activities

  • To promote training and skill development activities for all teaching and non-teaching staff enabling them to develop their abilities in rendering their duties

  • To beautify the campus and provide a clean, healthy learning environment to its constituent members

  • To aspire for a friendly environment for persons with different abilities

  • To offer academic liberty, allowing our faculty members and students to engage in exchange of ideas on issues of social concern without fear and to motivate students in realizing their potential through creative spaces

  • To pursue the goal of social responsibility by contributing through academics, research, extension and collaborations to meet the challenges which mankind is facing in the present century.