Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

Collaborative research :
Institutional level: From September 2016 onwards, the Economics Department of Vidyasagar College for Women has been engaged in a collaborative research project with Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. The title of the study is: “Investing in Ponzi Schemes – A Psychological Perspective”. The IQAC Coordinators of both the Colleges are also participants in the project.

The Research Committee is also pleased to report on the progress of the Collaborative Research Project with R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. The faculty members of the Department of Economics are the main participants in the project entitled “Investing in Ponzi Schemes – A Psychological Perspective”. Dr Shubhra Bagchi, Coordinator of the project from our College, along with Dr Srijit Chowdhury and Dr Srobonti Chattopadhyay, completed the field survey at 2 levels: rural and urban/semi-urban. The rural survey had been undertaken at Egra Block II Manjusree Gram Panchayat (East Midnapore) by faculty members of the Economics Department and three 3rd Year students on 22nd June. The survey had covered 38 respondents. The urban/semi-urban survey had been undertaken only by 2nd Year and 3rd Year students in Kolkata and its outskirts involving 40 respondents. An orientation had been given beforehand by faculty members to the students on the questionnaire for undertaking the survey. The next stage in the collaborative project would be that of data analysis to be undertaken in consultation with Dr Kavita Jajoo, Coordinator of the Project from R.A. Podar College, Mumbai.

Individual level: Dr Maitrayee Basu Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, is engaged in collaborative research work with Emeritus Professor Dr Sanjib Ghosh of Presidency University on ‘Protein-drug interaction study’.

Research awards:
Dr Ajanta Mitra, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali, was a recipient of the Hello Kolkata Award for research work in literature at the Kolkata Book Fair in 2015.

Dr Mitra has also worked with Dr Barun Chakraborty, Emeritus Professor of Bengali, Kalyani University, on “Dictionary of Folklore and Anthropology” (Loksanskriti o Nribidyar Abhidhan). Dr Mitra has contributed 10 items in the project of Loko Samskriti O Adibashi Samskriti Kendra, to the Deptt. of Information & Culture, Govt. of West Bengal.

Dr Deepti Bannerjee , Associate Professor, Department of Physics, has been a recipient of the ‘Regular Associate of ICTP’ award, ICTP, Strada Costiera, Trieste, Italy. The award is valid till date. Over the past 50 years ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy) has hosted 130,000 scientific visits from about 188 countries. In the 50 years celebration of ICTP, their alumni highlighted and recognized Dr Deepti Bannerjee’s support (among few Indians) as Regular Associate (2003-2010) through the following link:

Dr Deepti Bannerjee is also a Referee of the Journal of Applied Optics and Referee of Journal of Optical Society of America. Dr Deepti Bannerjee has a one-year individual membership of Optical Society of America (OSA) and she also has full membership of Organization for Women in Science for Developing Country, OWSD (a non-profitable organization).

No. of faculty from the Institution - 4

who are Ph.D. Guides and students registered under them - 7

Name of faculty who are Ph. D. guides Research Student M. Phil/ Ph. D. Univ. with which registered Subject
Dr Satya Upadhyay, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi (sole guide) Ms Rekha Tripathi
Sri Bikram Shaw
M. Phil/ Ph.D.(completed)
Ph. D.(completed)
Dr Ashutosh P. Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi (sole guide) Ms Rudraksha Pandey
Sri Jayprakash Pandey
Ph. D. (completed)
Ph.D. (completed)
Dr Deepti Bannerje, Associate Professor, Department of Physics (sole guide) Shri Dipan SinhaShri
Goutam Anchalia
Ph.D. (ongoing)
Dr Tapan Roy Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics (Supervisor) Ms Ruchira Chakraborty Ph. D. (Thesis submitted) JU Mathematics

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