Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

About the Department

The Physics department started functioning in 1960, the year of inception of the College itself, with Prof. Dhurjoti Prasad Bandopadhyay as the Head of the Department and Prof. Anil Kumar Saha as the Lecturer in Physics and Sri Gour Gopal De as the Laboratory Instructor. From the day of beginning, both Honours and General undergraduate degree courses were introduced under the affiliation to Calcutta University. Subsequently, Prof. Debjani Bose, Prof Arati RaiChoudhuri, and Prof. Mina Dhar joined the Department as full-time teachers and Sri Gopal Chandra Das and Sri Asit Ghosh as Graduate Laboratory Instructors (GLI) in the Department. In the early 80s, four non-teaching (skilled Laboratory Attendant) posts were sanctioned and Sri Ajit Das, Sri Banamali De and Sri Prabir Aich joined these posts. In addition, Sri Debkumar Chattopadhyay (who deceased in 2010) joined as the instrument keeper in the Laboratory.

The department has adequate number of class rooms, an updated departmental seminar library, well-equipped laboratories to train the Honours and General students in accordance with the regularly revised syllabus of the affiliating University. In addition to the central networking computation facilities alongwith high-speed Broad Band connectivity, the department also owns few desktops and Laptop computers in order to cater the need of recently introduced Numerical analysis and Fortran/C programming course for the third year students.

In addition to the academic periphery, organizing departmental seminars presented by the invited speakers from various research institutes as well the students of this department is being a regular feature in recent years. The students of this department also actively participate in the Science Exhibition organized by this college. Many of the present faculties are actively involved in post-doctoral research both independently and collaborating with international institutes for experimental research, presenting their research outputs in international conferences and symposia in the country and abroad. Some of them are also acting as the set reviewers of various international journals of well repute.

All faculty members follow conventional teaching methods involving board work, sharing of reading materials etc. ICT enabled classes are also conducted using smart board and power point presentation. Class tests are conducted regularly. Mid-term and Test examinations are conducted for First and Second Year Honours students. For the Third Year Students, only Test examination is conducted. The faculty members often meet the students in College outside class hours to discuss individual problems. They also stay regularly in touch with the students through phone, whatsapp and email even outside College hours.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Dipti Banerjee
M.Sc., Ph.D
Associate Professor

Dr. Piyas Samanta
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shyamal Bhar
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Dr. Amit Mohan Rakshit
M.Sc., Ph.D
Associate Professor

Dr. Udaybhanu Pramanik
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Dr. Suman Bandyopadhyaya
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Non-teaching Staff

Sri Prabir Aich
Skilled Laboratory Worker

E-Resources (E-materials etc)

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E-module # 1

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Euler and Runge-Kutta (RK) method to solve ODEs Sem-IV, CC-8 13.03.2020 Download
E-module # 2

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Assignment-1: Coulomb’s Law Sem-II, CC-3 13.03.2020 Download
E-module # 3

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Python Code for solving ODEs Sem-IV, CC-8 23.03.2020 Download
E-module # 4

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Fourier Series Analysis and Python Code Sem-IV, CC-8 30.03.2020 Download
E-module # 5

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Improper Integral and Python Code Sem-IV, CC-8 07.04.2020 Download
E-module # 6

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Video Lecture on Python Code of Convolution Sem-IV, CC-8 21.04.2020 Youtube Link
E-module # 7

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Convolution of two functions and Python Code Sem-IV, CC-8 21.04.2020 Download
E-module # 8

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Limiting representation of Dirac Delta Function and Python Code Sem-IV, CC-8 18.06.2020 Download
E-module # 9

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Important Formulae for Legendre Polynomials and Bessel's functions of first Kind Sem-IV, CC-8 25.06.2020 Download
E-module # 10

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Gauss's Law in Electrostatics: Introduction Sem-II, CC-3 26.06.2020 Download
E-module # 11

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Dirac Delta Function and its limiting representations Sem-II, CC-3 03.07.2020 Download
E-module # 12

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Application of Gauss's Law in Electrostatics Sem-II, CC-3 03.07.2020 Download
E-module # 13

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Python code: Legendre Polynomials and Bessel Functions of first kind Sem-IV, CC-8 09.07.2020 Download
E-module # 14

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Assignment 2: Electric Field and Gauss's Law Sem-II, CC-3 14.07.2020 Download
E-module # 15

Dr. Shyamal Bhar Electric Potential Sem-II, CC-3 31.07.2020 Download

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