Vidyasagar College for Women

Govt. Aided College, Kolkata. Established in 1960

About the Department

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication was instituted in 2013, at Vidyasagar College for Women, offering B.A Journalism General Subject with objectives to teach and shape the aspiring students to meet the challenges in the arena of media industries and communication studies. In a world where communication and media are one of the most sought careers, the department is committed to groom its students to be part of the worldwide media society by humanizing in Print Media, Electronic Media, New Media and other non journalistic communication available in the field of Public Relation, Advertising and Marketing. The department provides the opportunity to exchange and share their individual ideas. Above all it aimed at producing good and responsible media personnel lending one’s ideas and knowledge in the spirit of free will by keeping communication culturally viable in both regional and global perspectives. With the right blend of experience in the field and in class, the media aspirants are guided carefully into the realm of theories and research to become critical social commentators. Not only orienting the students into the academics, but also providing them with hands on experience in the field by way of media visit, internship and workshop, the students get exposed to the actual goings on in the media and become ready to take up media assignments after completion of the course.

Teaching Staff

Ms. Epshita Roy
Contractual Teacher

Non-teaching Staff

Assignments/Lecture Notes

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